Sunday, December 02, 2007

Random Thoughts

There is something about happiness
It makes me fearful when its with me
Losing it always only to find later.

All stories strive for happiness.
All stories with a happy ending are incomplete stories.
All stories with a sad ending were once happy stories.

Some come close but fall short.
Others fall too short.
Only very few get there.

But as is the transience of time
None of them end up happy
They are more often sad imitations of happiness there once was.

I often wonder if happiness is real
Or is it a state when sadness ain't there?
Or just another mystic illusion?

Happiness is a difficult virtue to hold on to.
A slippery feeling of contentment
Slipping out as easily as it slipped in

The more firm your grip is
The easier is it for to slip out
Leaving you wondering what happened

Key is to cherish every moment
To spread it around
For it is infectious, and comes back when you are feeling low

So what if all stories with a happy ending are incomplete
They are the beginning of more happy incomplete stories
Happiness is not a destination, but a journey

Enjoy the journey more than the destination
This pursuit I know is a reality
'cause destination was never my destiny

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