Friday, March 25, 2005

Tere Bin

“Ladies and Gentlemen, Presenting Rabbi Shergill”
And then the singer started crooning a number amidst large applause.

Tere Bin
Sanu Sohnia
Koi Hor
Nahio Labna

Somewhere in the crowd she heard the song. Thinking. Remembering. The song had a trance effect on her and she suddenly was in the back of a car, in a far away town, sitting holding his hands, as the driver drove.
They had met just a few days back and since then it seemed life had been a roller-coaster. So near yet so far.
Once on their way back, as they sat on the back seat of the car, the same song played.
“I love this song, it has beautiful lyrics”, he said.
“I don’t understand Punjabi, what does it mean?”
“It has beautiful romantic lyrics. I will translate it for you. It says, without you oh my love, I wouldn’t find anybody else. Someone who gives peace to my soul, and who can indulge me”
“Its beautiful”
She put her hand on his. His fingers slightly moved over hers. They hadn’t ever held hands. He put the bag on his knees and their inter-twined hands behind it, lest the driver would see.
“Tell me the whole meaning of the song. I want to feel the song.”
Jiven Rukia Si Tun Zara
Nahion Bhulna Main Saari Umar
Jiven Akhia Si Akhan Chura
Rovenga Sanu Yaad Kar

”I still remember the way you had stopped. I would not forget it ever in my life. The way you had told me, someday you would remember me and cry.”
She held his hands tight. They looked at each other, and then she closed her eyes. He looked out of the window.
He was fast becoming unsure. May be things were moving a bit too fast. May be…He didn’t know.
Hasia Si Main Hasa Ajeeb
Tu Nahi Si Hasia
Dil Vich Tere Jo Raaz Si
Mainu Tu Kyoun Ni Dasia

Tere Bin Sanu Eh Raaz
Kisi Hor Nahio Dasna
Tere Bin Peer Da Ilaaj
Kis Vaid Kolon Labna

”I had laughed a strange laugh, but you hadn’t laughed. There was a secret in your heart, which you didn’t tell me. Without you, who would tell me this secret. Without you, who would cure me of this.”
A tear ran down her eye. She held his hand tight. And looked at him. He was looking out of the window. He couldn’t look into her eyes.
The car stopped. She had to board the bus from here on. They walked to the bus, hand in hand. She booked her luggage. His arm around her, he hugged her. She had tears in her eyes. He was stoic.
The bus was about to leave. She settled down on her seat and looked out at him. Her out stretched hand on the closed window. Tears down her cheeks. He didn’t speak. But mouthed the words, “I am sorry.” And he moved away.
She looked at her out stretched palm on the window, and pushed it back down. May be he was right. Things couldn’t work out between them. She closed her eyes and cried.

“Hey, why are you crying. Do you know Punjabi?”
She was suddenly back at the concert with her colleagues.
“Nah, don’t know. Sorry. Lets go from here”
They moved. And she looked back at the singer. Wiping her tears she moved ahead. Tere Bin…..