Sunday, July 23, 2006

Sweet Melody

I still remember that day clearly. I was sitting in the balcony, reading the newspaper, when she came back from the University, and said,"I am home dad." She went into her room singing a melodic song. Closing the door she started to strum the strings of her guitar, singing the melody. I hadn't ever heard this song. Slowly, I closed my eyes and started to enjoy it. A smile on my face, my head moving in appreciation of the melody and her voice. Life was so nice, hummable, and melodic.
The next day she left for the university early for the classes. I was trying to remember the melody, but could not. So, I sat on the balcony reading the newspaper.
I sat there wondering, did the newspaper have less pages, or did I read it fast. Still she had not come back. I got worried and called her friends. They had seen her leave at the usual time, but none thereafter.
I searched, and searched, and searched.
And finally, called the cops. The melody and the voice both weren't anywhere to be seen.
They called. They had found her body. They found the accused a week later. Someone important's son, who had taken away the most important part of my life for his fun. They tried him in the Court. The Judge set him free, saying he was helpless. I never cried, numb from the sudden twist in my life.
I have spent the last decade thinking of the melody and how I had forgotten it, and with it the peace and happiness of my life, my child. I used to try my hand on her guitar, but the melody didn't come back.
So I decided to do something, which I wouldn't have done ever. I walked to his home. Went up the stairs. My life was moving in front of my eyes as a film. With a blank face and a numb mind I pressed the door-bell.
He opened the door. And then stepped back. Confused, realizing what was in store. I raised the gun and shot him. He stumbled and fell. Seeing him die, my tears finally came and I started to cry.
But then from somewhere in the recesses of my mind, it came back. I started to sway to the melody. I started to dance, with tears running down my face. She had started to sing again, from heaven above, in peace.....