Sunday, October 15, 2006

The Ticking Clock

Well.....I am back. You would have expected me to take longer. But I am back bear with me.
Last time we met, I had spoken, was on my new found understanding of Venutian. I was on the top of the world. And every time I passed a native of Venus, seemed she said something good about me. At least.... that’s what I want to think.
Life suddenly had a new color. Even the color red was adorable and lovely. Everything was feeling so new and so good. I could do what most men would die for. I could tell what women want.
I knew what they liked. The music, the food, the clothes, the shoes....yes, the shoes. Actually most women are fixated on shoes. They feel shoes are the best friend. Men come later.
So armed with all such knowledge I marched on. I was loving each and every moment. But as they say, satisfaction is something most people don’t find. What next? Yes, that was the question which dogged me. Was it always going to be so happy and nice or was there a down-side to it?
Surprise....Surprise!! I found the next step fast. But believe me it led me to a very very important question. To my utter dismay, I found that the women I wanted to meet and be with were either married or booked. And since now I am too old to snatch someone else’s girl, I looked for the maiden maidens.
The more I looked.....the more I suffered from paranoia. They were in another plane of existence. Either they were too dumb or too intelligent to show me their true self. But whatever was....I was disappointed. My knowledge and quest were leading me to destination nowhere.
But nowhere was definitely somewhere. Intriguingly, I was still running after them.
Was I getting dumb or was I so desperate? A male friend at work, when posed with this dilemma, put it, “You are just there, at the doorstep of marriage....after which all men go dumb and mad.”
Am I there? Well, as I said last time, my parents, friends, relatives think that and also my Venutian handicap has improved. So....may be I am there.
Now this scares me. I can’t be tied down. I have my free soul which needs to enjoy the sins this world has to offer. But as they say....every dog has its day. I just had 28 years of good days. And now, its time to raise the on toast this time.
This takes me back to what was scaring me. The dimwitted women I met, or the extent to which I wanted to meet them again. Just read below for a very apt example, which happened last week.
The other day we went for a date.....or should I call it just a meeting? Rest of my friends saw other designs in it. When I came back they gave me if I had forgotten something important......Oh...there were no give-aways on my face or collar.
Well, there couldn’t be.
I called the date a meeting because it was too short to call it one. I reached a little late..... say about an hour.....that’s not a big deal with so much traffic and work at office.
She said. “You are again late….the shop with the best discount on shoes just closed. What am I going to do here now?”
Hello??? What am I going to do here now?
Excuse Me!!.....Couldn’t she look at me? I had even used the new deodorant.
Didn’t I tell you these women can only think of shoes!! So..... it was just a meeting, what could have been a nice romantic date. I spent our way back convincing her how sorry I was.....and how much I wanted to be with her.....and we would definitely go out and buy nice shoes for her.
I left her home and made way back to my friends and their mischievous glances. Damn!!
And to top it all we chatted on the cell, and she explained why I should stick to schedules and maintain a work-life balance.
Just to buy new shoes with her?
Whatever.....I convinced her that we would definitely buy new shoes and I would leave work on time.
See....I am losing it. The battle is half lost and I am now contemplating a give-in. A meek surrender to what fate has in for me.
But I am the King!! I can’t lose like this. I have rise from the ashes like a Phoenix. And win all wars. So I am going to give fate a fight for the money.
To all those who say I am there at the last post....I can just say this.....
The Boss just had a rough day....but he is still the Master of All He Surveys!!
So even if you are married or booked.....I am here for you!!

Tuesday, October 03, 2006


They sat there in awkward silence. It had been like this ever since they had met for the first time. But the tension today was palpable.
They had met, not so long ago, right here. Since then, it had been a roller-coaster. Both had made some excuse or other from their respective partners to be together. Not understanding what it was, just following what they felt was right.
Suddenly the mundane day, had a new color to it. Every minute which passed, brought the moment of togetherness closer. And when they met, time which was supposed to stop or at least go slower went faster. And then would again start, the wait for the next meeting.
How was this different from the previous ones or rather the one in which they were currently. Well.....this time nothing had been said or committed. Yet to be around, without even speaking a word brought in a sense of belonging and completion which had been missing.
They missed each other, even when they were with their partners. The longing was now creating a tension around them. When they passed by, in presence, of friends, they just looked at each greetings....eyes if penetrating. Not even a blink.
No one saw it....but they did. And so the tension mounted.
So what had changed today? Well, to say it simply....nothing. But even in the silence....a tacit approval for each others special place had come in.
They were traveling by the bus, as they did daily. She was looking out of the window, and so was he. And while the bus passed a crowd, she turned to tell him something.
He was looking at her. His hand on the side rest was cupping his face. Two fingers crossing his lips, as if to stop any words from flowing out.
She looked at him, starting to say something, but couldn’t. A sudden flutter crossed her heart. As he just blinked once. The eyes closing.... as if, registering the moment in his mind forever.
She suddenly felt weak. Suddenly everything around in the bus was blurred. Only he was clear.
And then they both looked away. The moment had come and gone without even a faint whisper. But somehow they knew it now. What words couldn’t, eyes had said.
She looked out of the window. Not seeing anything, but feeling his eyes.
He looked at her. Her fingers tightly knotted if she was clutching something. He looked around, and then slowly held her hand. Her fingers opened if letting go her current relationship and giving into this new sensation. Her fingers slowly, inter-twining with his. As they traveled...not looking at each other for the rest of the journey.
A lot had been accomplished. And a lot had to be. But some how the tension was gone and there was now a lot of clarity. Both of them smiled at themselves....and held their hands, as for this moment...time stopped.