Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Being Married!

I have never believed in gory flashback sequences. So, to cut the chase, you all need to know that I got married nearly 3 months back!

Life has changed since marriage and however many "Just Married" movies one may watch, it truly is a unique experience. Our courtship was 2 month "long" in which we met only 3 times for not more than 3 hours each. Though we didn't get much time together, we really increased our mobile phone bills with all the Good Mornings, Good Nights, and other "Sweet Nothings" during the day. And for the uninitiated who don't know what people talk about for hours on end in such calls, my answer is "Nothing"! Yes, thats why these are called "Sweet Nothings".

Well, the day we got married, as I was waiting for her on the stage, one of my friends walked up to me and said,"Dude, you still have!" I didn't reply but just smirked. I was so ready for marriage. Then slowly, she emerged from the room, dressed in red and looking stunning, slowly stepping down the stairs to walk towards me, I really got the chills and realized, "I was getting married!" I turned to this friend in a sudden, and asked, "Do you have a hidden tunnel under the carpet somewhere?" He smiled, a knowing smile, as if he knew it was going to happen and just patted my shoulder as slowly i stooped my head and accepted the garland from her. As I later came to know, she was as scared.

Later, being the nice and charming self that is me, I even offered her to use my shoe rack and my almirah for sometime, till the time her almirah was ready. I soon realized that life was about small happinesses. I celebrate the days when my shoes find their way back on the shoe rack :-)

In the last two months, we have had a good time together. Giving wierd logics for driving home our points. But one has to mention here that none of my logics makes sense once she puts her foot down. So much so for logical reasoning.

But after having cribbed much, it needs to be pointed that I really like my life with her. This is for the seriousness and meaning she has brought back into life. May be cribbing is a part of how much I appreciate the banter we share :-) In a moment of reckoning, I had surmised them in a few brief lines....

I like life.
Its twists and turns.
Its strange and innocous ways
Yet with its good surprises
I like life.

I like it when someone walks in
And makes me want to talk more and more
Share all that has happened in the last so many years
I like it when someone brings a smile Just by their thought
And how perfect it feels to miss them

I like it when that someone goes speechless
On hearing something stupidly romantic
I like it when the reply comes....I don't know what to say :)
And I say..
..say no more

I like it when I find no more words
But want to write so much more
Life's just started for us and there is a long way to go
And am sure its gonna be good, 'cause....
I like life...with you.