Thursday, December 20, 2007

Something to Talk About

I had stopped writing mush stories sometime back and had gone for deeper topics. But I couldn’t resist the temptation for long. Many of my friends also told me to get back to stories. So yesterday while climbing down the stairs, on my way back home, I got this story idea. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did penning it down.

They were standing in front of the tall building that housed their office. Their office was located on the 11th floor of the building. And that day the lift had broken down. So the only way out was to walk up the 11 floors. Pheww....that was a hell lot! Most wouldn't be able to do it. But even of those who would, will be panting like crazy.

They walked towards the stairs and he looked up at the seemingly never ending spiral of stairs. "I look up and feel this is not possible. Then I look at you, and everything seems possible," he said smiling at her.

She blushed. And then quickly regaining her stoic composure looked back at him and said, “ know they say it is better to keep quite while going up stairs. So, shut up!” And then she walked ahead of him and smiled to herself.

He was an act in himself. Slowly he placed a finger on his lips and started to walk behind her. Not saying a word, he just kept his eye on her, knowing fully well that she was smiling to herself too.

After two flights of stairs, she asked without looking back, "How long would we take to reach the office?" He smiled to himself but didn’t reply. His finger was firm on his lips.

She looked back and laughed, "You are such a drama act. Ok, you can speak. But only what is necessary. Got it?"

He nodded his head and removed his finger and said, "We will take as long as we want to." And then he smiled. She knew he was smart and may be that’s why she liked him too. But he hadn't asked her yet. May be he thought they were just friends. But if they were friends, why did he flirt with her so much? She was now confused and slowly walked up.

Sensing a prolonged silence, he asked, "Why are you angry with me?" As if waiting for a chance to speak, she pounced back, "I have all the right to be angry with you. You didn't tell me he was leaving?” She was referring to another colleague who was leaving the company.

"Well, he is like my kid brother, I have to protect him. I thought would tell you everything in time", he answered.

She stopped in her steps. This was enough. She stomped down to where he was, two stairs behind her, and looked deep in his eyes. She was angry. "That’s a bad answer Sir!! If he is your kid, then who am I to you?" she asked.

He was suddenly taken aback. And she too realized what she had said. May be he hadn't got it, you know the way guys are. No, she thought, he would have understood it, he was smart. Damn!!

He raised his face to hers and smiled. In a very soft voice, he said, "I know what you are to me; it’s for you to decide."

As if through the veil of anger a smile escaped her lips. She blushed. He knew, she thought, how to make her go weak in the knees.

"Feeling very romantic, aren't you today? I think its better you shut up and walk quietly. No more talking for you." she said.

And then she started to walk back again. She was happy at herself and what she had heard. May be the tide was turning, but she shouldn't give in easy. So, she thought, its better not to talk till we reach the 11th floor.

He kept on walking up behind her, but fell back a few paces. His finger was on his lips as he looked at her intently. Suddenly, through the corner of his eye, he saw that the lift was working. She had not seen it. They were on the 6th floor and had 5 more floors to go. He softly slipped through the door without letting her know and entered the lift to go to the 11th floor.

Meanwhile, she was in a world of her own, walking up. A few times she thought of talking to him but didn't. Unaware of him having slipped away she kept on climbing the stairs.

Finally, when she saw the 11th floor marker, she stopped and looked behind. He was not there. She quickly scanned downstairs, not to find him. He had given her a slip again. Suddenly the lift chimed and a few people got in. So he had seen the lift, and didn't tell her. She was now so angry with him. She turned towards her floor, still a few stairs up.

And there he was standing with his hand extended. He did not speak but mouthed an apology in silence. "Am sorry," he said, "I wanted to surprise you, but now realize how difficult it was for you."

She was too tired to fight. She did not take his hand and silently climbed the last few stairs. May be, she thought, I would teach him a lesson tomorrow. He had this habit of making her angry.

As she moved ahead of him on their floor, he suddenly pulled her back. She was taken aback. Surprised! What was he doing? She started to say something, but he held his finger on her lips.

"I have not told you something else too. I like you. You rock my world, like no one has ever done. No one can come close to be in the vicinity of being near to sharing the same space as your thought in my heart."

Tears were flowing down her cheeks. She was happy. He looked at her and smiled, suddenly realizing what had happened. As if caught, he smiled and rubbed his head in nervousness.

She ran her fingers through his hair and said, "Thank God, you said it. I would have died waiting."

He countered her. And then she countered back. This continued for sometime. They were looking so cute together, I thought. I tucked my bow and arrow in, and flapped my wings in happiness and flew away.

After all Cupid never misses although sometimes I have to break down lifts to make stories happen :-)

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