Friday, September 25, 2009

Ram & Ravan

I am Ram and I am Ravan too
I am good and I am Evil too
I am the two sides of the same coin
I am like this because I am who I am

I am here and I am there
I am now and I was then
I am love and I am hate
I am right and I am wrong

Have forgotten when I was just one
Ever since I have grown up I am both
I want to rediscover myself
But everytime I end up meeting my present self.

Every good deed done makes me meet my Ram
Every act of anger and jealousy is my Ravan
They say kill your Ravan
But how can I? Ram and Ravan are joined always.

Being Ram would not be that exciting!
Nor would be being just Ravan!
It would be life in just one color or no color
Ram and Ravan together are the reality of today

They are together like the Yin and Yang of life
The positive and the negative of life
They are the dark cloud and the silver lining
They are together. They are life!

How can I kill one and let the other live!
I am not God!
I pray this Dusshera Good Balances Evil..
and make our lives worth every moment!

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