Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Being Married - 6 Months Later

Sometimes, I am a child….
Sometimes… a matured man,
Sometimes… I just want to hide myself or get lost in the wilderness of my dreams,
Sometimes…. I just want to be Me.

I welcome you to my journey through the 6 months of my transformation from being
Me to My Wife’s Husband.

1.Earlier I never set foot in the kitchen. Now, I can wash, cut and cook vegetables (see I have even learnt to wash them before eating)

2.I go to the market, look at really snazzy gadgets, and then think -
Do I really need this? Where will I keep it in the room? Have I disposed off the earlier ones? I had never ever earlier thought this way. May be, the world is suffering because of me…because I got married. As it is the global melt-down is all sentiment led. No one is buying anything. That was not me 6 months back. I took pride in being the impulsive buyer and hoarding various versions and makes of the same gadget in my room.

3.Now days, I don’t get easily surprised. Most of the stuff seems like Been there…Done that. Everything is just about obvious until she says
Guess What….and I squirm Now What? Such is life, but those who are married would understand.

4.We go to museums and watch craft
mela’s. Never had this happened in the 30 years of my abode on earth. I was genetically superior, and those of my being are aesthetically challenged. We take pride and show immense appreciation for straight lines rather than intellectual brilliance of someone who had spilt color on a canvas.

5.I used to think florists are meant to sell single roses, only to be used whenever……you know :)….until I met her. Now I have a florist who exists on my chat, and sends a bouquet of exotic flowers at my insistence. Whatever happened to single roses….I don’t know. Do they still sell single roses?

These are some of the instances of my transformation. Another major one is about
Me+. Earlier Me was treated as singular. Now it is Us. Singular has now turned plural. It is like Me describes the views of Us. Why don’t people realize the concept of opposition parties?

Having said all this I want to add a caveat. I know, as soon as, I have started this part of the write up, there will be a wry smile on the faces of some of my friends thinking……
He is chickening out! Well, to be honest, I am not.

Marriage is all the above and more. I am more complete now. Since marriage, I have grown as a person. Being single has its own charms, but our real growth happens when we start sharing our lives with others. Letting someone into our space, is like giving away a lot. But consider this, by letting someone into our space, we have increased our space. I never understood this concept earlier……now I do!

There is natural to be friction. All of us tend to resist change and dislike adapting. The real test of marriage and the sure shot outcome is that we realize the change….and thus the better solution. A key point here is that life happens when you participate in it.

Having said all this, one would appreciate the importance of Being Married. As they say….you have to be married, since the government cannot be blamed for everything. But as I move ahead, a quote from the movie
Jerry Maguire comes to mind…….

I don't have all the answers. In life, to be honest, I failed as much as I have succeeded. But I love my wife. I love my life. And I wish you my kind of success!


Rush said...

Lord... you've become a philosopher and have actually started talking sense .... Good going :)

D said...

Confessions of a married man..
I could add a sixth point: Waiting.. Suddenly 5 means 30 (minutes), 30 means an hour and if she says an hour, well forget the outing.. leftovers is all u'd get there anyway.


Cheers to you, and your lovely wife and many many such six months to come!!!

Princess said...

Yes .. life happens when u participate,knowing the fact & yet many of us fear to participate....!

Now you started talking as obedient hubby :P hehehe... kidding

Wonderfully written & all the best,Ahead :)


Rashmi said...

Hey Saurabh...wanted to write my comments for some other article of yours but got stuck here..I think u deserve the comments you got on this..Damn Good.Beautifully written.I have to infact admit that all your articles have that emotional touch which I makes me feel like reading most of them.Now let me tell you..married now for 9 years..can say you are experiencing the same wonderful relation with your partner as it should have put your thoughts in such pure manner..and it makes your this aricle a true masterpiece.

I hope that your 2 years were wonderful and so now u don't get time to write much:).But I am really enjoying your articles.In fact very funny but regret may be we could have chatted more during our college days:)

Saurabh Datta said...

Man, wish I could have that kinda style when it came to storytelling.
Yours Sincerely,
Saurabh Datta